Permanent Exhibitions

Part of our vision is to serve West Humboldt Park as museum with fine art that's accessible for a wide range of ages and tastes. We've accomplished this with a variety of permanent exhibitions. Please contact us to visit.


Mr. Ríos

The old cliche, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Mr. Victor Rios. Along with his wife Miriam Rios and son Jose Rios, the family has created a magical art installation featuring discarded toys and other ephemera in their backyard, located directly behind Silent Funny. The work began decades before Silent Funny existed; we did not curate the work nor do we directly represent the Rios Family. We do, however, consider these neighbors part of the Silent Funny family, and can't overlook the fact that their work somehow divined us to be where we are.


FLOW | Im Fluss, Luftwerk 2014

Single-channel video installation, water mist screen, Edition 1 of 4

Inspired by the element of water and its all encompassing connectivity, FLOW | Im Fluss visualizes the characteristics of the Chicago River.  Geometric animations, based on scientific data about the health of the river, such as dissolved oxygen levels and chemical pollution, illuminate a water-mist screen, visualizing the river through light.


MAY FLOWERS, Juan De La Mora 2016

The month of May in Chicago signals transformation. Our cold and severe winter gives way to the hopefulness of a colorful, lush spring. MAY FLOWERS, a mural created by Chicago native Juan De La Mora, Jr., takes inspiration from the fifth month and its designated flower – the lily. De La Mora, Jr. meticulously painted each brick on the alley-facing façade of Silent Funny over a six-week time period. The resulting artwork, a vibrant 20’ x 60’ mural, references the tradition of Mexican needlepointing, and serves as a celebratory gesture of the culture and diversity found throughout the West Humboldt Park community.