Beyond Form: a partnership of spiritual vision and brutalist flesh @ 3:00 p.m.
3:00 PM15:00

Beyond Form: a partnership of spiritual vision and brutalist flesh @ 3:00 p.m.


This is day three from a series of intentional duality featuring Julien Bayle’s FRGMENTS with Kim Alpert’s Scan Lines. The other two performances are held at Elastic Arts in Logan Square.

Sunday's show at Silent Funny features:
Presentation III: Installation with Artist Talk


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This series is an experiment of live audio-visual immersive installation and performance presented in three ways. 

Every performance will be unique and after each showing, audience members will be encouraged to anonymously share their reaction.

*warning – this show uses strobing light*

This series is made possible with the generous support of the mediaThe foundation.

Kim AlpertVideo Synthesis
Paul GiallorenzoKeyboard & Electronics
Anton HatwitchUpright Bass
Jasmine Mendoza, Movement
Cristal Sabbagh, Movement

Scan Lines is a multimedia performance moving through three structured improvisational states. Incorporating dance and sound with video synthesis and feedback, the audience experiences states of energy transference from the performers to each other as well as from camera through analog processing and synthesis. This work is presented to create larger dialog about the root of consciousness and unexplainable universal phenomenon surrounding near death experiences.

Scan Lines is inspired by the entheogenic meditations performed over several years by creator Kim Alpert. This meditation practice is part of Kim’s process to best understand death and its surrounding issues by sitting as the witness of momentary totality. With her established visual language of electronics and video art, combined with signal searching from a young age, the representations are often offered to her through analog video symbology. She seeks to recreate the feeling of these experiences for audiences to provide a window into the clarity and peace this practice have given her. To find a calming uncertainty, like that of watching a string untangle, Scan Lines, like these mediations themselves, has the fluidity to change in each incarnation revealing new information as it unfolds.

Special thanks to Signal Culture for providing a means to explore and research the development of this project.

by Julien Bayle

FRGMENTS combines audio-visual live performance with an autonomous installation showing the permanent disruption of a continuous sound & visual flow.

FRGMENTS is a real-time programmed system that displays pre-shot video footage and then, assembles the clips again, sorts them, and cuts them time-wise, scrambling the playing order and space to create unexpected time loops and collages.

It runs a specific generative narration which changes based on context – the installation version is autonomous, but the live performance version is more controlled. The system generates sound, including parts that were partially written using rules and algorithms specific to the project.  Each one plays with metric, bars, time, and loop concepts.

FRGMENTS is inspired by the cut-up concept/technique, created by Brion Gysin and deeply applied, especially, by William S. Burroughs, but also by Tristan Tzara and his folding techniques. Since the 20s Dadaists have used decontextualization & recycled work to create new pieces, sometimes new texts as Burroughs did, but also new paintings, as Ellsworth Kelly did.

FRGMENTS displays human video portraits without any specific facial expression, all shot under the same conditions, systematically and almost-scientifically in the same posture, the same framing, rotating, or static. This footage serves raw matter and FRGMENTS proposes a complete time-wise and space-wise recomposition of the video sequence. Each time, the show creates a new experience that is permanently and constantly generated and regenerated.

FRGMENTS intensively involves senses by exploring perception itself. By using very intense sensory involvement, FRGMENTS tries to show the artist’s obstinacy in trying to understand who the other is and what it can feel.

Special thanks to Elastic Arts for co-hosting this event with Silent Funny.

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7:00 PM19:00

- 10:00 p.m.

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In an intimate performance, featuring singer/songwriter/actress Kiara Lanier, Stokes juxtaposes family safety and mass incarceration. This is a must see. Thelonious just made history, as the first, youngest African-American to be accepted and attending the school program at the world-renowned Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Kiara is the quintessential essense of a songbird butterfly, songwriter and actress, recently featured on Empire, The Chi, and American Idol. The raw warehouse landscape of Silent Funny will be transformed into a landscape of American civilization versus systematic injustice. Using the concept of hospitality, Stokes will unveil this conceptual ground, showing the first pieces of Thelonious Stokes' Caged Black Paintings/Thelonious Stokes' White Fenced Paintings.


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Kenosis by Larry Kamphausen and Spencer Hutchinson featuring Jyl Bonaguro <br> 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.
6:00 PM18:00

Kenosis by Larry Kamphausen and Spencer Hutchinson featuring Jyl Bonaguro
6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

A survey of work by Agitator Gallery co-founders Larry Kamphausen and Spencer Hutchinson featuring work by world re-knowned contemporary marble sculptor Jyl Bonaguro.

ke·no·sis (kəˈnōsəs)

noun: kenosis

In certain sects of Christian theology, the notion of kenosis refers to the renunciation of one's divine nature that is necessary to take on earthly form. It is a concept that has been explored by numerous faiths, both ancient and modern, and resonates with the notion that the earthly realm is beneath that of the heavenly.

The word kenosis, which in Greek means "emptying out", is explored in creative terms as pertaining to the artist. This show explores the concept of the creative process as a kind of kenotic action, an emptying out of one's emotions and laying bare one's state of mind for a cathartic, communicative purpose. 

Each artist presents work that deals with this concept in a way unique to their practice

Spencer Hutchinson's Abstract Expressionist style paintings, executed on rugs, are paired with Kamphausen's meticulously crafted Greek Orthodox style icons creating a radical juxtaposition of secular and religious artistic styles. Bonaguro's sculptural contributions help to illustrate the heaviness which accompanies earthly life in contrast with the lightness of the spiritual world, a visual metaphor explored by her human scale sculptures of wings.

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