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Kenosis by Larry Kamphausen and Spencer Hutchinson featuring Jyl Bonaguro
6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

A survey of work by Agitator Gallery co-founders Larry Kamphausen and Spencer Hutchinson featuring work by world re-knowned contemporary marble sculptor Jyl Bonaguro.

ke·no·sis (kəˈnōsəs)

noun: kenosis

In certain sects of Christian theology, the notion of kenosis refers to the renunciation of one's divine nature that is necessary to take on earthly form. It is a concept that has been explored by numerous faiths, both ancient and modern, and resonates with the notion that the earthly realm is beneath that of the heavenly.

The word kenosis, which in Greek means "emptying out", is explored in creative terms as pertaining to the artist. This show explores the concept of the creative process as a kind of kenotic action, an emptying out of one's emotions and laying bare one's state of mind for a cathartic, communicative purpose. 

Each artist presents work that deals with this concept in a way unique to their practice

Spencer Hutchinson's Abstract Expressionist style paintings, executed on rugs, are paired with Kamphausen's meticulously crafted Greek Orthodox style icons creating a radical juxtaposition of secular and religious artistic styles. Bonaguro's sculptural contributions help to illustrate the heaviness which accompanies earthly life in contrast with the lightness of the spiritual world, a visual metaphor explored by her human scale sculptures of wings.