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ON TRUTH AND LIE IN AN EXTRA-MORAL SENSE: A performance by Frank Willens and Peter Stamer
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Conceived, directed, set and staged by Peter Stamer
Performed by Frank Willens
Text by Friedrich Nietzsche
Abridged and re-translated from German into English by Peter Stamer & Frank Willens
In the light of infinity, the limited time a human being spends on this planet does appear tobe deplorable, even ridiculous. Knowing about the futility of his existence, man tries to comprehend life by means of language which locks him into the cage of concepts though.
Language, following Nietzsche, denies access to the actual life of matter. Searching for knowledge about the world, about truth, about himself, man gets lost in the woodwork of his own thinking. To put it casually: man becomes a blockhead, unable to see what is there.
Taking away the foundation of the boards that mean the world to him: this is what it means to live.