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E PLURIBUS: REFLECTIONS ON 9/11 Closing Reception #1 of 2

Please join us to celebrate this remarkable show. Food and drinks will be on hand, as will some of the show's artists and curator.

Often artists make work as a respite from the times and contemporary issues, but the artists gathered here felt compelled to respond to the 9/11 attacks and the repercussions of those tragic events from which the world still reels. Through an unsentimental perspective, combined with beauty and craft, they call attention to, and offer opportunities for engagement about, topics ranging from drone strikes in Pakistan, to those detained without trial in Guantanamo, to the destruction and looting of ancient and contemporary culture from Iraq to Syria.  On this anniversary, we can ask “what have we learned?” and hopefully find answers that can inform our actions in the future.

The artists represented are Mahwish Chishty, Jackie Kazarian, Michael Rakowitz, Alison Ruttan, Mary King, Amber Ginsburg & Aaron Hughes and Barbara Koenen.

E Pluribus is an informal collective of artists who work independently and have joined together in recognition of this anniversary for a special project that offer exhibits of artwork and related programming, including artists talks and Story Corps interviews, to organizations that are working with people most impacted by the attacks – refugees, veterans, aid workers and their families.  We welcome your recommendations for organizations to contact.